The Dancer In The Dense Dusk...

Cyrus, one of the most accomplished reporters of a top daily newspaper, stopped his car in front of Mr. Harun s terrace. He got out of his auto and looked round in quite revelation. Like the dog-eat-dog world of print media, he had anticipated to see the crowd of some of his own species here! Actually, he did not expect the crowd, because he was not that typical reporter by any means, the other species would sometime call him unsocial behind his head!

But not a single soul was to be seen there! So blowing a whistle like the relaxing, gentle wind, he proceeded!

His lens like distinctive reporters eye noted the dilapidated house – it looks like a peaceful atmosphere to him! In front of the house, there was a garden – laden with veggies like – carrots and beans. The bright side of the picture was that he got a calm, cool feelings running through his veins and simultaneously, a rush of self-belief to his head!

He climbed the shaking-like-breaking steps! Mr. Harun came out after Cyrus rang the bell several times.

: How may I help you?

: I am Cyrus a reporter of a top newspaper.

: What’s the name of your newspaper?!

Cyrus proceeded as he wished! But Mr. Harun looked thoughtful and rubbed his foreheads sweat!

Cyrus guessed at once that Mr. Harun was a very incompetent thinker and for that reason, he gave him some moments to ponder!
After some nervous silence, Cyrus got the big picture that Mr. Harun was not even a bit brighter than his own colleagues –and, that is the reporters species! Cyrus got it clear that Mr. Harun could not care less about the whole media thing, and also about the issues of the entire world and naturally, he would not recognize the importance of Cyrus arrival!

Cyrus turned around, prepared to go down the steps again – back to where he belongs!

But, suddenly Mr. Harun s face lighted up…slowly but surely, he regains his consciousness of the situation…and muttered-

: I think, my child surfs the web a bit, and I can vaguely remember the name of the online version of your newspaper – that she mentioned some days ago!

: That is it! That will surely do, sir! Cyrus murmured secretly!

Cyrus stopped with his left foot lifted over the top step – feeling that he would fall from grace anytime! But he somehow managed not to fall and started his conversation where he left - with a cough husky tone this time –

: Let us get down to business here, sir! As far as our newspaper is concerned, your only child Medha is very meritorious – she is the undisputed junior champion of school-debate and chess, to be honest and precise! She has got talent of some rare breed! But the concern that we have got here for Medha from our forums perspective is that…..

Mumbling this, Cyrus dared to ponder a bit! He found it hard and meaningless to digest that he had to travel for about ten hours to do this PR or public relations thing and had to pass another ten years of back-breaking office chores stuff for nothing!?

He would say amen to all the job hazards on the physical side, but the mental side of the daily miscommunication with his own species has become totally unbearable thing to put up with any longer!

: Gotta do something about it! - He thought for a moment and decided hastily that he would resign today!…It is now or never!!

Well! It is back to square one for him again! Because, he heard Mr. Harun saying in a commanding tone…

: I am gonna leave this place with Medha today at any time, so you better mutter your words quick! Just keep it fast and simple!!

: A gig titled Concert for Medha was arranged where Kangalini Sonai Bibi rocked it on, as we failed to accommodate the one and only one Balu Sagu from a sub-continental country – so our financial interest or potential was not fulfilled totally! For that reason, we are going to have to rearrange the concert schedule, Balu will be imported in due time, so I have come here to make a report about Medha!

: Oh! That is better! That sounds interesting to me!! But you have come at wrong time at the wrong place, I guess!! I am in need of some urgent cash right now or maybe by today. Can you inform me anything about the cash or something?

: Oh! I wish I could! But, first thing first! Let me put it this way – As far as I can recall – it was mentioned in our online ad that Medha is mentally disturbed or sick! No…I mean…she has got a brain tumor…is that right?

Cyrus vainly (!) tried to duck or dodge from a bouncer from Mr. Harun, to steer away any lingering financial interest that would potentially come from his customer! Because the next ball was another speedy one…

: Well! What can I say?! Clever! Huh?! But answer me this first! Have you got the cash right now?

: Just chill it out! In no way, I could bring the cash myself – technically speaking! That is against our newspaper’s policy! The point I would like to inform you that the money has been properly channeled to the bank account that has been mentioned by you in the online ad! Have you got that info or amount?!

: Oh…my…God! How could you?! One of my relatives who are residing in Dhaka has got that bank account – so that is an absolutely obsolete route right now as I can not travel that far today! Well, to be honest, I have a sniff of this even before you came! Anyway, I have already sold all my belongings here, so I am living for good with Medha – that is all I have got! I have got to get away with it!!

: Oh! Really?!
: Yeah! Beside, for your information, my Medha is autistic!?
: Oh…my…God! How could that be true!
: Well! I see her as a talented, intelligent and far-sighted person but you people see her as a visually impaired or handicapped thing!…
I never put it that way! Never thought it like that!!

: …Beside Medha has become the impression of all my honest deeds! She has already got matured as a person and also got the virtue of far-sightedness and so, I can confirm that she would never return back here!
But, you know, she was not visually impaired, congenitally speaking! Once upon a time, in her early childhood, Medha and her mom were returning home from the airport with a CNG taxicab! Unfortunately, her mom and the taxi driver got killed from the CNG cylinder explosion and in a way; her mom was saved from the aftermath of living a life that is now lived by her own daughter!

: Oh! What a pity!
: And my Medha is now living the life of a dead soul in your eyes!
: Do not put it that way!

Cyrus understood that his impressive public relations presentation thing was over! The entire talking hubbub has got him to an embarrassing point up until now! Nevertheless, Mr. Harun continued…

Anyway, I always believe in my personal Motto that a pen is always as blunt as an ineffective s-(word)!?
If you even try to capture the quality and depth of the virtue of Medha that is a task of mammoth proportion - which is quite unattainable for a webpage of your kind!

Cyrus got it this time that the game is over! What is left to say anyway!

He turned around, prepared to go down the steps again – back to the chaos where he belongs!

My Delicate Pleasure...

In daily life, I have a propensity to do many usual chores that bring me elation, contentment which I call the little things or elements of life. I would just faint to file all of them here. I like to trot in the morn; I have no intensions of doing it professionally but for the sake of my prolonged existence, well-being. I like to sprint two miles or so everyday. Beside, I like to game on, on a pure entertainment basis. I play both computer & physical games. Sometimes, I find pleasure when I go to a picnic or things like that. I am akin to traveling a lot – mainly to out of the ordinary places at home & abroad. The above mentioned things are my outdoor pleasures.Now, let’s look at my indoor activities. I like to watch TV for two hours a day. I also like to eat different kinds of foods – especially fruits. Of all my pleasures, I still like reading most. I always like to read whenever I get the chance to squeeze out some quality time from life! I like to read different kinds of books. I get cent percent pleasure when I read the short-stories of any writer. Beside this, I have some hobbies, too. I like stamp-collecting. I get fulfillment when I listen to a piece of music or a song. I prefer listening to music to song. I like it most when I sing a song to my soul! I like poetry-recitation especially the poems of Jibanananda Dash, some of Nazrul & quite a few of Rabindranath and in English literature – especially the poems of Alexander Selkirk, some of T.S Eliot & quite a few of R. Frost but mostly I like to recite my own poems. I get great pleasure when I do something for my own family not necessarily money-wise but by intellectual means! If I am of any help to them, I always try to do that job with utmost concentration, sincerity & honesty.